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Physical World Business Science SystemsIn our four quadrant mode, the lower right (the exterior objective world) is where leaders live most of the time. This is the factual side of the business or scientific realities. This perspective is where economics and all aspects of commercial and business reside, as well as systems. This is where the greatest majority of conversations take place in business, and rightly so. It is where most of us focus in order to get payoffs such as material success, money, environmental well-being, etc.

However, focusing exclusively in this quadrant without taking into consideration the other three quadrants can limit one’s view. Exceptional Leaders see the big picture by taking in all four quadrants when making decisions and evaluations.


? Thought Provoker

  • Do you have a full grasp of the objective realities of the business situation you are in?
  • Can you achieve the business results that are needed for success?
  • Do you recognize how your worldview (upper left quadrant) might impact how you see a particular situation?
  • Can you make the distinction between facts and subjective assessments?

Exceptional Leaders achieve outstanding business and organizational results by attending to all four quadrants.

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