Pay Attention to Their Inner World

Values Beliefs Traits EmotionsExceptional Leaders see all aspects of a situation. The big picture includes inner values, beliefs and internal dynamics. In the four quadrant model, the upper left (individual interior subjective) should be taken into consideration in all decisions and evaluations.

We can see examples in the news where individuals have ignored their real values. Only when they find themselves negotiating a plea bargain agreement, do they realize that something went very wrong. This blindness can happen in less dramatic ways as well, such as when we don’t step back and look at all aspects of a situation, including our internal beliefs and values as well as our personality, before we decide.

We can take a job or join an organization for which we are not suited. We can compromise our values and beliefs, succumbing to pressure to achieve or to meet the demands of others. This, of course, can lead to considerable stress.


? Thought Provoker

  • Do you really have a deep and clear understanding of your values?
  • Do you have clarity around your beliefs and how they are manifested in the way you act and communicate?
  • Are you aware of how your moods affect your behavior?
  • Do you understand enough about your personality and your subsurface drivers to be able to modify your behavior in light of a given situation?
  • Do you understand your “worldview” and how it may differ from others?

Many of our coaching conversations with clients include considerations in the subjective internal part of the four quadrant model and how they impact aspects of the other quadrants.


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