As you look at each statement, determine the degree to which you focus on it, i.e. the degree to which it is on your radar screen.
Also consider your proficiency in that area: i.e. how well you do it. Use below as a guide.
1-3 A low level of proficiency and focus (low focus and low proficiency)
4-6 A medium level of proficiency and focus (low focus or low proficiency)
7-10 A high level of proficiency and focus (high focus and high proficiency)

Most of us rate ourselves higher than others. Take this into consideration as you respond to each statement.Be honest with yourself.

Your Inner World Proficiency/Focus
1 - 10
1. I pay attention to my inner world.
2. I am aware of my strengths and limitations.
3. I am resilient.
4. I am self-confident.
5. I do what's right.
6. I know my moods.
7. I listen to my gut.
8. I love what I do.
9. I think strategically.
Your Actions Proficiency/Focus
1 - 10
10. I plan and take appropriate action.
11. I align my body with my intentions.
12. I am demanding.
13. I am not too busy.
14. I am persistent.
15. I am personally productive.
16. I am willing to make tough decisions.
17. I am willing to take risks.
18. I am a masterful recruiter.
19. I avoid attention overwhelm.
20. I challenge the status quo.
21. I communicate a vision for the future.
22. I don't rest on my laurels.
23. I keep things on course.
24. I know what kind of power to use.
25. I lead masterfully during a crisis.
26. I make contingency plans.
27. I make effective requests.
28. I make good decisions.
29. I manage by commitment.
30. I manage the board.
31. I masterfully manage change.
32. I pay undivided attention.
33. I pick my battles.
34. I play the aim game, not blame game.
35. I show up.
36. I take time for myself.
Understand Cultures Proficiency/Focus
1 - 10
37. I understand cultures.
38. I am candid.
39. I am open to new ideas.
40. I am outrageously positive.
41. I am socially aware.
42. I am transparent.
43. I build powerful teams.
44. I build trust.
45. I celebrate successes.
46. I demonstrate I care.
47. I display a sense of humor.
48. I display masterful interpersonal skills.
49. I don't make contradictory demands.
50. I do not tolerate communication triangles.
51. I encourage others.
52. I encourage the Millennium Generation.
53. I express appreciation.
54. I foster employee engagement.
55. I invite the truth.
56. I listen with intention.
57. I see people as people.
58. I walk my talk.
Know Your Business Proficiency/Focus
1 - 10
59. I set up customer friendly systems.
60. I know my business.
61. I develop future leaders.
62. I keep my key employees.
63. I conduct effective meetings.
64. I cultivate potential leaders.
65. I focus on customer care.
66. I do what works.
67. I focus on metrics.
68. I identify the critical success factor.

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